Chris Lightwing

Chris Lightwing is a film-maker and cinema exhibitor based in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.


Through his production company Kip Films, Chris is currently working with Screen South to develop culture, heritage, accessibility, and opportunity for new talent. Projects include New Creatives (BBC), Random Acts (Channel 4), the BFI Film AcademyFifth Continent, and Accentuate.

Chris co-owns and manages Folkestone’s independent Silver Screen Cinema, having helped save it from closure in 2014. He also volunteers for Folkestone Rescue, a charity dedicated to saving lives and keeping people safe on Folkestone’s coast.


Before moving to Folkestone, Chris co-founded Catsnake with Stephen Follows while studying Film & Video together at UCA. The award-winning story agency produces films with powerful messages that change the world.

Chris is also a former head-of-department with leading post-production company The Farm Group, delivering hundreds of well-known television programmes, and entertaining millions of people across the UK.

His previous involvement with cinema exhibition includes several years with ABC and ODEON Cinemas, providing cinema experiences to audiences in Kent and Surrey.


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